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Privacy Policy cookies

This Privacy Policy sets out the principles of storing and accessing information on user devices will support cookies, used for the implementation of electronic services requested by the user

I. Basic Definitions 1. Cookies - small text files, dispatch by the website being viewed and stored on your device. With cookies website remembers your preferences, eg for viewing content. Personal information collected using cookies may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user, eg storing login to the site or store goods added to the basket in the online store. Such data are encrypted to prevent access to them by unauthorized persons.

2. Website - means the website you are viewing the current www.

3. The device - which is an electronic device used to access the website (computer, notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

4. User - the entity on whose behalf in accordance with the Rules and laws can be provided electronically or services to which the contract may be concluded for the provision of electronic services.

5. Administrator - means the controller Websites that provides electronic services and stores and accesses information in user devices.

II. The types of Cookies 1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the equipment user. It is not possible to penetrate any viruses equipment or other malicious software. These files allow you to identify the software used by the user and customize Web pages individually to each user. Cookies contain the necessary details such as the address of the web page, the storage time on the unit and assigned a value needed to operate the website.

2. The administrator uses the following types of cookies:

a) Session Cookies: These are located on the user's device and remain there until you turn off your web browser. Stored in these files Cookies information you restart your browser erased from memory devices.

b) permanent Cookies: These are located on the user's device and remain there until you delete them. Disabling browser or turn off equipment not deleted permanently.

3. Session cookies and permanent cookies do not allow downloading of confidential information from the user's device.

4. You have the ability to disable saving of cookies on your Device and disable access to web pages stored cookies.

5. Disabling cookies to save and shut down access to the Websites cookies will cause takes advantage of the Web site will be possible except for features that require the proper operation of the existence of cookies (eg, Registration, Login, remembering the basket).

III. Objective use Cookies 1. The administrator uses cookies to authenticate the user to a web page which allows you to: a) User Insight into their own personal data stored in the database b) Any of the transaction to purchase the product or service

2. The administrator uses cookies coming from third websites (third parties) for the following purposes:

a) The collection of general and anonymous data via static analysis tools belonging to Google. The data controller is Google Inc., based in the U.S.

IV. User Rights 1. You may at any time and at any time to manually set the cookies stored by your web browser used to view the contents of Web pages. Detailed information about the possibilities and how to enable or disable support Cookies are available in your browser settings.

2. You have the right at any time to delete cookies using the options in your web browser.