Our Producs

We specialize in the manufacture of heat exchangers, expansion vessels, tanks for hot and cold water, compressed air tanks, filtration equipment, iron and manganese removing, and water softener. We also manufacture silos - tanks for loose materials and steel structures.

Our products are made in accordance with the requirements of the Directive 2014/68/UE and 2014/29/UE. Our company has the powers of the Office of Technical Inspection in the production and permanent repairs of pressure vessels, low temperature hot water boilers and heat exchangers.

Our tanks are used both in households and in industrial facilities, such as water treatment plants, pump stations, and heating plants.

We realize individual orders, also for special and unusual containers. There is also the possibility of shipment of our products.

We work in accordance with our quality policy. We have special software to design, visualize, and calculate the strength of tanks.

At the request of our customers, we prepare a full documentation of the project, build a prototype, and then start the mass production. For every new contract we are trying to shorten the final execution time by sourcing all the necessary components from only one supplier.